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Pineapple Champagne - not as sweet as you would think! Made from 100% pineapples, no grapes.

I chose not to write very much about my Maui trip because, honestly, I only feel inspired to write when funny or weird things happen.

While I had a fantastic, relaxing time on a beautiful island with great people, I basically zoned out for 7 days.

It was lovely.

My brain cells are too sleepy for the usual rapier wit.

This wasn’t my usual action/adventure trip. There wasn’t much to make fun of. No one died or crapped their pants.

We just layed on beaches and ate our guts out. And consumed more chips than I thought humanly possible.

So, I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Only jerks smear your face in their amazing tropical vacation that you’re NOT currently having.

Which, I’m still sort of doing.

Much Love,

Bun Boy

JAPENGO (HYATT): Located in the Hyatt, this elegant but pricey sushi and seafood restaurant has the goods to back up the loss to your wallet. Very tasty rolls and apps. Cocktails were on the weak side so order some of that creamy sake pictured below, you won’t be sorry.

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Momokawa Creamy Sake - SO GOOD!

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Crispy Ahi Poke with avocado, furikake and a ginger miso sauce

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Hoisin Glazed Pork Ribs with green apple slaw

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House made Duck Potstickers with Cilantro-Mint pesto

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Terminator Roll, Blackened Ahi Roll and the Hana Roll

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Honolulu Roll - Tuna, avocado, cucumber, sweet chili sauce with tempura crunchies

CLIFF DIVE BAR (SHERATON): Really decent drinks, but only if you sit at the bar. The tend to get weaker when you sit at a table. Awesome ocean views. Super casual, only a few lunch items. Price isn’t casual, however. Amazing Kalua Pork Sandwich.

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Kalua Pulled Pork Sandwich - Cliff Dive Bar

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On our way to Black Rock Beach

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Cliff Dive Bar - Sheraton

STAR NOODLE: Upscale interior despite it’s off the beaten track location. Very affordable and very delicious! Asian fusion. Fun, bustling, no view. Order those bbq pork buns or else!

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The perfect bite...

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Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita

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Ahi Avo - Lemon Pressed Olive Oil, Sambal, Usukuchi

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Steamed Pork Buns = Duroc Pressed Pork, Hoisin, Shiitake, Cucumber

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Garlic Noodles

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Hot and Sour Soup - Chili Lime Dashi, Smoked Proscuitto, Shrimp, Cilantro and Basil

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Pad Thai with Shrimp

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Lahaina Fried Soup - Fat Chow Funn, Ground Pork, Bean Sprouts

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Malasadas with Chocolate and Caramel sauces

DOLLIES: This place is a fun, friendly DIVE BAR that also serves food. Great pizza (many of them incorporate macadamia nuts) and great drink specials. Very inexpensive, homemade bar food. Fun place, it was our last meal, we should have several meals here! Maui ain’t cheap, places like Dollie’s help protect one’s wallet.

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Chicken and Macadamia Pesto Pizza - Dollies