Petite Filet, truffle fries, corn pudding

I RARELY dine at steakhouses. In fact, if you peruse my 450+ restaurant entries, you’ll see not a one!

It’s not that I’m not a red meat eater. I’m just not a big red meat chewer

Being utterly paranoid about choking (because I pack food in my mouth, gerbil-style), I tend to turn my mouth into a blender. Even a sip of water gets a few gnashes of teeth, just in case.

Must have come from years of bad childhood eating habits and grandma scolding me for them.

“Don’t INHALE it, Bryan. Try to taste it….you’re not a snake.”

After a few bites of steak, my jaw is often plum tuckered out.

Me finishing a Porterhouse would result in severe TMJ.

And I’d STILL probably find a way to choke.

So, if I ever do order steak, it has to be a petite filet.

Small and tender.

Trust me, if they had Salisbury Steak on the menu, I’d be ordering it!


STK is a bit touristy, where out of towners dine for their “nice dinner out”.

The restaurant portion is really nicely appointed and warmly lit. There’s a separate bar section where the happy hour tramps seem to hang out.

Steak was cooked perfectly, so tender. Would not have changed a thing.

The fries and corn pudding were delicious, could have eaten three more portions.

The scallops were good, not great.

I’ve only had bone marrow once and loved it, however the way this was cooked was not pleasant. A bit bloody and sinewy. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be?

Desserts were great but we finished the chocolate cake in 4 seconds. Could have done with just a bit larger portion but can’t fault STK. Just my big ass appetite.

The cocktails were the highlight of the evening, lots of fresh herbs and chilis and cucumbers. Love it.

The vibe is a bit La Cienega, as you might expect, but our server was very friendly.

We went for Dine LA, so we got all this for $45 per person….before the drinks…..

755 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 659-3535

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