Round #1 of 4

When a restaurant announces an All You Can Eat ANYTHING situation, you GO!

Even if it’s something you don’t like. Or are deeply allergic to.

It’s all you can eat, dummies! How fun is gobbling down as many whosits and whatsits as inhumanly possible??

That being said, sitting in the hot sun and eating hot fried chicken may not be ideal conditions.

Thankfully, the chix was worth every drop of unappetizing sweat!

Chef Roy Choi had his peeps prepare the chicken “sous vide”, which is a special process of cooking underwater in sealed plastic bags for long periods of time.

Though, resulting in such juicy birds, it was often unnerving.

I was vascillating between wanting to dive in like a little piggy and not wanting to medically require skin grafts for my burns. That sh*t was hot!

The cost is $18 per person and includes some healthy side dishes such as zucchini slaw and sweet potato salad.

At first, I was a little disappointed that the offered sides weren’t more ooey and gooey. However, I would have filled up on the cheap stuff and not eaten nearly enough chicken (I had 7 pieces), resulting in major stomach guilt later on.

The AYCA Chicken Picnic is going on all summer folks. Weekends only. 12-3 p.m.

I suggest you make a trip and see if you can at least beat my record….

12565 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-7700

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The lamps look like old fashioned ladies slips.