I thought the muffin's cross section would look more attractive after I ripped into it like a shark into a surfer.

Yeah, you read that right. Muffcakes.

Sort of a cupcake, not really a muffin. Somewhere in between…

The goal had originally been cupcakes, but these turned out more muffin-esque. Not as sweet as a muffin.

God, I’m boring myself.

The point is, I keep getting all this blasted “stone fruit”* from the farmers market and keep trying to come up with unique ways to bake/cook with it.

I almost wrote “fun” instead but changed to “unique” to maintain some semblance of masculinity.

Men can bake, they just can’t like it.

Here’s the recipe if you’re kooky enough to turn on the oven in this blasted, fire-starting heat:


*As you now know, I find this an abhorent term.

This pic is proof I used fresh peaches and not that canned sh*t. Oh wait. I like those too.

Looks like a rat got to that muffin!