Margherita Plus with Burrata

I think I’ve found my new favorite wood-fired pizza. It’s pretty much perfect.

And in the immortal words of The Cars, it was “just what I needed”.

And in the words of Cher, “If I could turn back time, I’d order two of those suckers!”

Yes, those were actually the original lyrics. You just didn’t pay attention.

Here’s the facts:

Very thin, crispy crust. Light and Airy. You can honestly eat the whole thing and not feel full.

(I did).

Light on the cheese.

Medium amount of sauce.

Perfect amount of super fresh toppings.

Sausage was fantastic, not too greasy.


Living in any major metropolis, such as Los Angeles, one can quickly become desensitized to the amount of crime that occurs around us.

We boldy brush past caution tape to get to our yoga classes and leap over crime scenes so we don’t miss that restaurant reservation.

Let’s face it, nothing phases us.

I remember leaving dinner at a Korean BBQ joint and didn’t blink an eye as the two policemen told us to watch out for the enormous pool of blood we were about to step in.

Thanks to websites such as Weho Daily, one can get minute by minute updates on why Faifax was blocked off (hit and run) or why that damned helicopter is hovering loudly above us (double homicide, suspect at large).

As I write this, a man had been rotting in his apartment only ONE BLOCK away from me for what the cops are saying could have been up to a month!

Fountain avenue was closed for a few hours as they removed the body.

And we couldn’t have cared more or less than if a tomato truck overturned.

“Damn tomatoes, I have to get to Target before they close!”

Growing up, there were only a handful of shocking incidents I recall occuring.

Each and every one of them drew the community into a collective panic.

I remember when our next door neighbor, Father Fred (who ran his own church on his property) disappeared with his daughter or niece and we were up all night, faces pressed against the window in awe at the blinking police car lights and hushed, official whispers.

I remember my mother stating “I suspect foul play” in her famous melodramatic way.

It was later discovered he had kidnapped the child and had been abusing her.

In LA, someone dies pretty much daily. And the world goes on like nothing ever happened.

Unless the crime gets in the way of our routine.

Then it becomes a Facebook status update….

8075 W 3rd St
Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 930-9490

Tuscan Chicken Sausage and Peppers