Poutine Christine - with cheese curds and a cognac peppercorn sauce

Poutine may sound fancy but don’t be fooled. It’s just Canada’s version of cheese fries and they be tasty!

Poutine was “invented” in the 1950’s in Quebec and the word used to be slang for “a mess”.

A beautiful mess, at that.

While your basic Poutine is just gravy and cheese curds, you can use your imagination for inventive toppings.

Soleil Westwood, a French Canadian Bistro, has sat on Westwood Blvd for 10 years and I’ve never really noticed it before. Regardless of its bright orange exterior.

While they have an ample menu, what sets them apart is their selection of 10 mouthwatering Poutines.

(Homework: Try using “Poutine” in a sentence today. Impress your friends).

What I enjoyed the most is how the fries maintained their crispiness throughout the entire meal, even the last decadent bite wasn’t soggy like it should have been.

Bun Boy is coming back and trying them all! In one sitting! Poutine eating contest! Who else is in?

1386 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 441-5384

Poutine Malik - with spicy Merguez sausage and a Harissa creme sauce