A French Gift Basket Just Exploded!

I can’t think of many days when I DON’T have mac and cheese on the brain.

Perhpas days which end in Z.

So when my schedule presented me with a blank space, I had to jump on it. Like white on rice. Like white on organic, raw, aged white cheddar.

I had just been given a gift basket with some great French cheeses in it and it got me thinkin’.

I need to make me some fancy mac and cheese! Yee Haw!

I found a similar recipe online and made some Bun Boy tweaks to it.


I used semi hard french cheeses and a little bit of goat cheese. Added Herbs de Provence, sauteed some leeks, used French ham and replaced the Ziti with the best damn noodles on the market. The company is called Marella and the type of noodle is a Trottoloni. Looks like a pig’s tail. Amazing.

If you’re ever at Monsieur Marcel at the Grove, you can buy most of the ingredients there!

If you don’t live in LA…oops! You can always simply fly to France if weather permits.

Up close, it's kinda scary...

If you can believe it, the dessert pictured below started out as a Weight Watchers recipe!

I couldn’t find any non fat frozen yogurt at the store, so I used low fat ice cream instead.

Here’s what the recipe was supposed to look like:


This Melted Ghettoness was actually delicious!!