Sour Cream Hen House - grilled chicken, w/fried egg, Chinese broccoli, sour cream sambal, Thai basil, sesame, red jalapeño

Chef Roy “Papi” Choi (the Kogi Truck guy) is a man after my own stomach.

He likes things spicy. And saucy.

These are two necessary components in my food world.

He does to his dishes what we would secretly do at home: Dump some condiments in there!

This dude’s take on the rice bowl is anything but bland.

It’s more of a slap in the face (and then some tabasco in the eye). A flavor explosion! (for lack of a better expression – so I used one commonly found on bags of chips).

I could honestly eat one of these bowls every week (yes, even the actual bowl), it’s all so damn tasty.

Whenever I don’t have to reach for the hot sauce, that is a magical, lunchtime moment.


Chego is a tiny spot in a strip mall near Overland and National. Usually only open for dinner, they just opened for lunch but for takeout only.

Portions are large and under $10. They have all the takeout accoutrements laid out on a table (forks, napkins, to-go boxes, sriracha) and there were a few idiots starting to eat right over the utencils, making it a bit of a cluster-F.

Thankfully the grub is worth any annoying human encounters. GO THERE NOW!

3300 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0337

The Beefy T - generous niblets of prime rib studded throughout hot chili fried rice

Sriracha Chocolate Bar - SO good.