Tuna Tataki Salad - Spicy asian greens, pickled daikon radish, red pepper maki roll, spicy peanut sauce

I’m not sure what the hell Royal T is.

It’s this enormous space in Culver City that’s an art gallery, a flower shop and a bar that sells tea.

Oh, and a cafe that serves light Asiany salads and sandwiches.

I knew I was going to eat a gnarly, artery clogging dinner so I chose a very healthy salad for lunch.

Now, I’m not going to scold a plate of greens for not tasting like a Grilled Cheese. That’s just unreasonable.

I just wish they gave me more of that tasty peanut dressing, is all!

Ok, that’s all. We’re good.

8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-6300

(dot org??)