Pulled Pork "Sundaes" with Coleslaw and Baked Beans

I just love this place.

Hey, any restaurant I’ve deigned give a second look at must be pretty groovy, no?

It’s been around 14 years (forever in LA restaurant terms) and has never disappointed.

Not too pretentious. Well, maybe just a smidgen so you feel like you’re getting a little sumthin for your dough.

We pay good money to be subjected to that obligatory, awkward half minute while the waiter de-crumbs your table.


The best part of Lucques (besides those awesome cocktails) are their Sunday Suppers.

I don’t know why more restaurants don’t have theme nights, but Lucques is abiding by the number #1 cardinal restaurant rule – BE KNOWN FOR SOMETHING.

You want people to be saying the following about your restaurant:

“Oh, they have an amazing grilled cheese night!”

“They have the largest selection of Courvoirsier in all of LA!”

“The bathrooms are zero gravity and they have an off-the-menu burger made completely of the endangered mammal of your choice rolled in edible gold.”

Here are the facts:

FRIED CHICKEN: Perfect crispiness, the brine provided a very unique flavor and there was more meat on the leg and thigh than I had anticipated.

PULLED PORK SUNDAES: Very tasty and very fun. Traditional flavors going on.

SUCCOTASH: A nice veggie break during the meaty meat fest. Very simple, nothing terribly special.


BANANA CREAM PIE: Very rich and delicious. We could have easily shared one serving. Oh well, I’m a pig and I finished the whole thing.

BTW, we sat next to a fabulous mother and daughter duo who entertained us most of the night. Great meeting you guys, if my blog hasn’t completely turned you off!

Lucques isn’t going anywhere. It’s a solid, exciting restaurant still able to retain a familiar but fresh approach to cuisine and I think I’m a Sunday Supper fan for life.

Gee, don’t I sound all professional??


8474 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 655-6277

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