Scottish Pie. Yes, this is a food product.

The meat pie pictured above is the only reason I still go back to the Renaissance Faire.

My annual craving brings me back to this god forsaken festival of freaks year after year.

If you happen to be bored to tears, feel free to peruse the past two years faire musings.

Renaissance 2010

Renaissance 2011

So folks, enjoy my most likely final visit to this sweaty, debaucherous, swingers wonderland:

This photo perfectly sums up the Faire. Except for the cat halloween costume element.

Young, 70's hippy love. 1670's, that is.

"Did I accidentally order nachos??" "Eyes straight ahead Helen, there's a ghostly serial killer behind you!"

Passing on this baffling counter culture to future generations

Hubert, on his way to the local single's mixer, grew apprehensive. Will the wenches be as receptive as usual? Dressed in his finest wares, beard freshly clipped, the confidence he needed finally came to him.

This seductive jig was considered highly erotic back in the day, often resulting in several arrests.

These lusty ladies normally have nothing in common but the Faire brings everyone together!

Are they at a fun festival or on a death march?

Clearly at the wrong festival.

Sausage Roll