Grade "D" for "Delicious"!

Guess what, folks?

Humans like junk food.

They like it even better when you combine TWO junk foods.

It’s no coincidence the most popular flavor of Ruffles is the Cheddar and Sour Cream.

It’s everything that’s sick and wrong with America.

In 10 WEEKS, they’ve sold 100 MILLION of these all natural, sun-hued little devils.

To put this insanity into perspective, it took 3 YEARS for McDonald’s to sell it’s 100 millionth burger.

That being said, we weren’t as greedy and obese back then. And we’re obviously ordering only one burger while the average taco order is 3.

Growing up in a tiny town, I used to eat Taco Bell all the time. It was either that or Jack in the Box. So, I chose to run for the border.

Eventually, I started to experience a different kind of running. Every time.

I finally put two and two (tacos, that is) together and I got four (diarrhea).

SO, I put the Kibosh on this establishment and didn’t go back for almost ten years.

That hiatus is clearly ovah!

BTW, each of these tacos is 200 calories and contains 11 grams of fat.

BBTW, they’re actually pretty tasty! Seriously!

BBBTW, see below for what this thing is supposed to look like.

Yeah, right.