Clearly, I like to take pictures of girls biting into food.

In honor of Memorial Day and not wanting to spark up the bbq grill I don’t have, I thought it was fitting to pay a visit to the best bbq in LA.

In Compton.

Now, Compton is a city that everyone knows by reputation.

My one experience with this misbegotten part of LA was my very first year here. I joined my friend at her family’s house for a Compton Thanksgiving.

I had a lot of fun and I never felt unsafe. They lived on a very communal street, everyone seemed to know everyone. Snoop Dogg hangs out once in a while at the house across the street, I was told several times.

That being said, the Compton stereotype stuck with me and I couldn’t help but wonder, as each car drove by, which one was going stop and shoot me. Only me. Whilst calmly eating my potato salad. I’m too young too die, I would gasp as I fell.

I’m obviously naive and stupid.

Bludso’s is located in a very industrial area of Compton. They have a big bbq smoker in the back. The ladies behind the counter were very friendly. Cash Only.

These are four boring facts for you.

The other fact was the feeding frenzy that took place inside my boiling car as soon as the food was acquired. Like a goldfish in a Piranha tank. BBQ sauce splattered on the windows and car seats like blood in a crime scene.

According to Chesty Morgan, this is the best BBQ she’s ever had. I enjoyed it but my beef rib was really fatty and didn’t have much meat on it. I love me some pork ribs though. The mac and cheese tasty, yet a bit oily and made with real cheese, I prefer more of a ghetto cheese sauce approach.

Best baked beans ever, though.

OK, need to eat some salads this week.

811 S Long Beach Blvd
Compton, CA 90221
(310) 637-1342

2 Meat Lunch Combo - Angus Beef Rib and Brisket - FYI, BBQ doesn't always look so purty

Average mac and cheese but outstanding baked beans!

There's no room to eat at Bludso's, so one must tailgate in their car.

Best Banana Pudding ever!

After BBQ, we went to visit the Watts Towers. Sam Rodia, an Italian immigrant, began building them in 1921, finishing 33 years later.

Sam stole tiles from work to help make his structures, eventually getting him fired.