To me, the fun of sushi is the drama.

It can be a work of art.

A few blank slabs of fish on a plate isn’t art to me.

But I’m stupid.

There seem to be two types of sushi restaurants.

The fun, rock and roll, fish is cleverly disguised places.

Not authentic in the slightest.

Then you have places like Bar Hayama.

Places that are no fuss, really basic, all about the fish.

I’m a sushi dummy, as everyone knows. I just don’t find it fun to shove plain fish chunks in my mouth.

I’m not a shark!

I want stuff to go with it. I want crispy onions, spicy mayo and jalapenos on EVERY roll.

Yes, I said roll.

Not sushi. Not sashimi.

This enrages sushi purists and I don’t care.

Bar Hayama is a cute spot with a nice outdoor dining area.

And I love the bento box situation, give me a little of everything and I’ll be happy.

I ate all the box contained and it was very tasty.

I just need to remember to keep a squeeze bottle of spicy mayo and a baggie of jalapenos in my man purse.

1803 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 235-2000

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