The best part of my side gig at the Santa Monica Farmers Market is the bucketloads of free produce I come home with!

I skip down the aisles tossing loaves of bread at vendors and collecting free eggs, organic cheese and fresh orange juice.

Like Robin Hood, trading with the rich and donating leftovers to the poor.

The girl I work with (who’s got the veggie lady in the palm of her hand) comes back with a mysterious bag of miscellaneousness and I try to come up with some fabulous thing to do with them when I get home.

There’s always one item that I do not recognize that looks kind of weird that I end up throwing away.

Hmm, I think it’s actually still rotting in my fridge. Growing an extra limb.

BTW, I just ate about 8 popcicles and feel just this side of nauseous.