BACO (flatbread sandwich): "The Original" pork, beef carnitas, sabitxada

Where else can you enjoy a meal at a scorching hot new restaurant and score some crack exactly one block away?

Not in Beverly Hills, sadly. Their version of skid row is simply called “Pico Blvd”.

With this incredible trend of epic restaurants opening up downtown, I can visibly see the area change before my eyes. It’s really pretty cool.

For much of my time in LA, downtown only meant a performance at the Ahmanson or Jury Duty.

Later, it became random nights at some really fun, unique bars.

Now, it’s a viable option for the average night out. I’m really happy that the days of empty promises of downtown’s revitalization are finally over.

Watch out hipsters, we’re taking over your hood!

Baco Mercat is from the people who brought us Lazy Ox, so you know it’s gonna be good.

And if you come for brunch, like we did, you can order all the regular menu items (such as the Baco, a flatbread sandwich) as well as the amazing biscuit and gravy that I was lucky enough to pig out on.

Wow, that heavenly biscuit gave me wet dreams.

Sorry, I should delete that. Remind me later.

I ordered the Original Baco because I wanted to find out what the hell “salbitxada” was.

(It’s sort of a tomato almond pesto)

The Coca flatbread was tasty but I would have preferred another kind, I didn’t realize there’d be some anchovy action on ours. The crust is crazy crispy, must have been deep fried.

The best things in life are always deep fried. That’s what the Dali Lahma is constantly telling me.

That was kind of dumb. Remind me to delete that too.

408 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 687-8808

Bloody Mary

Biscuit and Gravy with Egg

COCA (crispy flatbread): "The Original" romesco, anchovy, lemon

Random art hanging on the outside of a building.