Seta kissed a flatbread...and she liked it.

Me and my wallet are really into Happy Hours right now.

We’re also into scrapbooking and light bondage. Save the judgments.

When I realized Sunny Spot (Roy Choi of Kogi Truck fame’s six month old baby) had a happy hour, my kinky wallet dragged me there like a bat out of China or wherever.

I was meeting a friend from High School whom I hadn’t seen in 18 years. That seems like ages ago yet only yesterday.

Feel free to delete that last sentence from your memory, I went too far.


Some of my most vivid (and mostly fond) memories of high school were my times on the bus.

I had an hour ride to and from my Little School House on the Prairie, so there was a lot of time to kill.

Lots of paper bits to throw in people’s hair. Their fault for sitting in front of me.

Lots of rivalries. Lots of people calling each other dreadful names or ripping their very essence to shreds.

Bonding with the mean girl who hated me over the mutual making-fun-of the mullet-donning bus driver who always pronounced words incorrectly.

My memories of Seta, today’s Happy Hour companion (oops, used your real name. Deal with it.) involve four major points:

1. Constant Laughter

2. The B-52’s

3. The Emmy-winning, generation-defining TV show, “Living Single”

4. Making fun of her different* name (*high school definition: weird and wrong)

After many of the fun or evil kids would depart the bus at their various stops, we’d retreat to our walkmen and our B-52 cassettes to drown out the day’s worries.

The best part of the bus ride followed shortly; naptime!

About halfway through the ride, the bus cleared out so everyone could lay down and partake of two empty seats for an extremely disruptive slumber.

Filled with the relaxing sounds of backpacks sliding from one end of the floor to the other “Oh shoot, someone grab that!” to the speedbumps our sadistic driver would intentionally hit to see how many children she could make fall out of their seat.

Trust me, I fell out of my seat on many occasion. Our bus was from the 1940’s, straight from Auschwitz with wheels made of anvils. There was no sleep til Brooklyn to be had.

Aw, rest in peace Adam Yauch.


Ok, sorry for the diversion, folks!

Sunny spot is fun, bustling, open (which I like cuz I’m going through male menopause and I sweat) loud and bohemian chic (did I just use those words??)

Not sure I even know what that means? Who knows. Shut up, you.

We only got apps, but the highlights were the delicious, meaty chicken wings and the fantastic, crispy harissa ricotta flatbread.

Seta didn’t care for the Papaya Mango salad but I liked it so she’s stupid and wrong.

The best part about any Roy Choi restaurant is there is SPICE to be had! He loves his chilis and I love him.

And we’re done.

Seriously, stop reading.

822 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292
(310) 448-8884

It's my favorite hour...

This laughing woman (probably a fake laugh) did NOT sign a waiver and I don't care!

Rum Buck - Aged Rum, House Ginger Beer

What a Jerk Wings - double coated, double fried

Harissa Ricotta Flatbread with charred rapini, cauliflower, caramelized onions, provolone & olive oil crust

Yucca Fries with banana thai basil ketchup

Papaya Mango Salad with cashews, red onion, lime, tarrago, honey

House-made Caramels with Maldon Sea Salt and Toasted Cashews