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Croque Madame with Ham, Gruyere, and sunny side up Egg on Country White

I want a Mercantile in my neighborhood!

*throws temper tantrum*

(I also want an oompa loompa!)

This is one of those uber casual, walk right in, never too crowded, friendly, open air concept, huge ceilings kind of place that LA needs about 100 more of.

We live in a warm climate, why are there so many closed up, cramped, stinky, crowded restaurants? We’ve got plenty of space here, this isn’t New York.

And don’t give me that high rent excuse. Even if it’s valid.

While everyone really loved their meals, my Jalapeno Grilled Cheese WAS the highlight. The pangs of jealousy hung so thick in the air, it somewhat sullied my dining experience.

Get your hungry eyes of my sammie!

One look at it and you can’t disguise, just as the immortal Eric Carmen once crooned.

What a living legend…I think. Someone Wikipedia him, STAT!

6600 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 962-8202
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Patatas Bravas with herbs, chilis and Spicy Aioli

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Popper - Jalapeno Grilled cheese with Cream Cheese and White Cheddar on Country White