Even though I knew I was incorrectly pronouncing the name of this new Austrian restaurant, I derived great pleasure from watching my friend squirm each time I said it.

Language snob.

Bier Beisl, Bier Beisl!! *said wrong*

I took it upon myself to start pronouncing everything wrong, to further piss him off. I even said “you’re” when I clearly meant “your”.

Before I tell you that this place is a wee bit overpriced, I’m gonna tell you it was VERY tasty!

Thankfully it’s in Beverly Hills, where no one squabbles about money.

The tourists that accidentally wander in will kick their spouse under the table and bulge their eyes a bit upon first glance of the menu, but hey! They’ve got mad vacation money in their neon fanny packs to spend.

It’s a win win for Bier Beisl.

Yes, I said it wrong again.

9669 Little Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 2
(310) 271-7274

Käsekrainer - swiss cheese infused light peppery, similar to “Polish”

Sunflower Seed Bread

Sachertorte, refined original recipe from Hotel Sacher