Today’s photo shoot is brought to you by the letter “S”.

For Salmon.

And Sex.

When selling sex, something the food blogging business is well immersed in, one must thrust filets of salmon in the viewer’s face as far as they will go.

Writhing, aching filets suggestively lying on soft, inviting beds of rice.

Always accompanied with fiery, brazen Asian slaw.

The kind that cannot be tamed.

Is there any other?

Thanks again Tenille for tonight’s brief workshop on how to make me jealous with your professional lighting setup. Please note all future meal photos shall be taken in Tenille’s dining room.

Whether she is aware of my presence or not.

A disembodied meal.

"Make love to the camera!!" Tenille shouted angrily at the trembling salmon, realizing that only intimidation would ellicit the unfettered sensuality she was looking for.