I thought a massive hunk of bread would be appealing, but it looks more like a segment of an old man's leg, wrought with rigor mortis and aged from years of sun tanning. The bottom nubbin smooth from having lost his foot during the war.

I’ve decided that each week, I will cook a meal from a different country. This should be very exciting for you, as you have no life. You can brag to your friends at work that when you were in Romania (which you could not even find on a map) this was your favorite dish.

Walk away quickly if someone asks what your favorite city was. You don’t know any cities in Romania. You’re not very bright and I highly doubt you can wing it. Hint: Budapest is in Hungary, NOT Romania. Geez.

This soup is very easy to make and a fairly basic recipe. I bumped up the paprika, forgot the canned tomatoes cuz I’m an idiot and threw in a few more meatballs. I used microwaveable rice cuz I’m lazy and cuz cooking rice is a nightmare for me.

What really makes this recipe pop is the fresh parsley and lemon juice. Add extra of each. I also threw in a pinch (my pinch is bigger than your pinch) of cayenne as this dish has zero heat and I can’t handle that. Omit if you can’t handle that. Oh, and also forget you know me.