CHICKEN + WAFFLE CROQUETTES homemade waffles, braised greens, poached eggs, and spicy maple sauce

Susan Feniger is a rock star. Plain and simple.

Sure, she’s entrenched in LA’s oversaturated celebrity chef scene.

She’s owned several necessary restaurants, has published five cookbooks and is a fixture on the Food Network.

You’d think she’d be a real bitch.

Quite the contrary.

Is this woman ever NOT smiling? She’s kind of the nicest person ever. It’s unsettling.

When I first visited Street after it first opened (one of my very first blog entries), Susan came over to our table to check in on us.

It took me by surprise. Don’t you have an empire to run, lady??

Either way, my heart was all aflutter.

Three years later, here she is again, taking care of her of one of her babies.

Letting a food obsessed weirdo, like myself, take my picture with her and humor me with some small talk.

I think the secret to her success is she hasn’t overstretched her abilities. She focuses on her talents, loves what she does and isn’t trying to branch out into vegan shampoos or promoting eco friendly airlines.

She hasn’t whored herself out nearly enough, for my taste.

Susan, go out there and put your bespectacled face on some free range EVOO or some biodegradble kitchen knife. I will be a loyal customer.

If Susan Feniger is a rock star, I’m her slutty groupie.

PLEASE NOTE: With a few exceptions, the pictures below have an orange tint because we were sitting under an orange canopy. I was able to transport most of the dishes to an orange free zone, but did not photoshop any of the others cuz I kind of dug the affect. Deal with it.

742 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 203-0500

Cumin crispy rice balls

Let the bottomless champagne flow...

KAYA TOAST a uniquely STREET experience. Toasted bread spread thick with coconut jam; served with a soft fried egg drizzled in dark soy and white pepper

ANGRY EGGS deviled eggs with Malaysian hot chile relish topped with green sriracha

SPICY ROASTED CHILAQUILES scrambled eggs with poblano chiles and Mexican chorizo; served with spicy chipotle chilaquiles topped with guacamole and sour cream

Croation Apple Fritters with Whiskey Cider Sauce

Being orange angers Louise

Thanks for an amazing brunch, Alex!

Hopefully, as this sign is inside the restaurant, no one actually adheres to it.

My girlfriend Susan. We always match. Per her insistance.