Los Angeles seems to revel in constantly boasting this phrase: “LA has the largest population of… Persians/Thais/Koreans/Vietnamese… outside of…Iran/Thailand/Korea/Vietnam”.

Why is everyone flocking to LA? Is the golden sun really that much of a draw? Maybe blond people act as magnets, like moths to a flame?

Whatever the reason, I’m pleased as punch that I have access to so much amazing, authentic ethnic food. All you have to do is drive 20 minutes in some direction and you’re suddenly in Little Micronesia or whatever.

Thai Town, located in Hollywood, is so close by it’s a cryin’ shame I’m not there more. I’m crying right now actually. Pondering over the sad fact that I’m eating leftover scalloped potatoes for breakfast…

Songkran, the Thai New Year, is celebrated at the end of the dry season with the throwing of water. This usually translates to kids squirting you with water guns.

Which is exactly what was happening when KB and I visited Thai Town’s street festival for some good grub, Thai boxing and ladyboys singing.

After strolling past each food booth, we noticed that pretty much everyone served the same sh*t, so after deciding on our meals, we went to go watch the big hit of the afternoon, Thai boxing.

It was all very passive, not nearly enough blood splattering or limbs being tossed into the audience. But we were all sure waiting with bated breath, just in case.

While this "songbird" entertained the crowd, the bored child to the left desperately tried to text her boyfriend behind her back.

Dueling Grillers!

Chicken Pad Thai

Girls fighting! What will they come up with next? Adorbs.

Oops, he missed.

BBQ Pork Skewer - In the shape of a Rhino!