Aww...steamy goodness

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I had wanted to make something Irish on St. Patty’s day but it was pouring down rain (scattered drizzle), so in order to avoid melting, I decided to postpone.

I thought I would combine some Irish flavors with my British roots so found this recipe to be right up my alley. Beer and Cheese. Convinced.

I must admit, there is some random sh*t in here, including chocolate chips and mustard (I even used expensive Irish butter) but it really makes a difference!

Shepherd’s Pie is international comfort food. Who can resist? No one in Ireland or England apparently, as the dish is widely popular in both countries.

Nice to find common, fattening ground.

Truth be told, I’m gonna douse the crap out of this with hot sauce, when I finally eat it.

I don’t care what I’m making, it can usually stand for a bit of heat.

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