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  • April 30, 2012 8:38 pm

Even though I knew I was incorrectly pronouncing the name of this new Austrian restaurant, I derived great pleasure from watching my friend squirm each time I said it.

Language snob.

Bier Beisl, Bier Beisl!! *said wrong*

I took it upon myself to start pronouncing everything wrong, to further piss him off. I even said “you’re” when I clearly meant “your”.

Before I tell you that this place is a wee bit overpriced, I’m gonna tell you it was VERY tasty!

Thankfully it’s in Beverly Hills, where no one squabbles about money.

The tourists that accidentally wander in will kick their spouse under the table and bulge their eyes a bit upon first glance of the menu, but hey! They’ve got mad vacation money in their neon fanny packs to spend.

It’s a win win for Bier Beisl.

Yes, I said it wrong again.

9669 Little Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 2
(310) 271-7274

Käsekrainer - swiss cheese infused light peppery, similar to “Polish”

Sunflower Seed Bread

Sachertorte, refined original recipe from Hotel Sacher


  • April 30, 2012 7:16 am

Filet Mignon, reeking of garlic, of course.

The Stinking Rose is the perfect place to take the family, visiting from out of town. Oh look! I did just that.

If you couldn’t tell the theme here, EVERYTHING has garlic in it. It can be overwhelming. Do not insert Vampire joke here. Thanks. Just didn’t want you to feel bad when I didn’t laugh.

My mother, sister and 2nd cousin came for a visit and we decided to dine here in honor of my grandmother, who recently passed away. We had all come here years ago so it reminds me of her. My grandfather asked that we order her a Creme de Menthe and leave it for her.

We each decided to take a sip and save the last for Grandma.

55 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 652-7673

Garlic French Fries

Italian Garlic Meatloaf with garlic yukon gold mashed potatoes & creamed spinach

A Shot of Creme de Menthe for Grandma...


  • April 26, 2012 10:38 pm

Kobe Beef Sliders

For Nancy’s going away party, we decided to eat somewhere at The Grove, LA’s famous outdoor shopping center.

It’s the place I most associate with her, I’ve been there with her dozens of times over the years.

Just as many times as I’ve been to ALL of the Grove’s restaurants, MANY times. I’m OVER them.

I guess we got a new burger spot recently with Short Order. That place was just kind of “eh”.

And now we have Planet Dailies / Mixology. One side for dinner, the other side a cocktail lounge.

The cocktail lounge is swinging. Loud music, just enough people. If you took a bar, removed all four walls so you don’t get that “stink” (I’m assuming they’re retractable) you’d have Mixology.

You’d have your drinks there and head on over to Planet Dailies, away from the young wipper snappers.

We longingly wished we could eat our meals back at Mixology, the vibe at Planet Dailies was much more serious. Like retirement plans and Depends.

The PD menu is simple, a little bit of everything. Nothing weird. Reminded me of a Chilis or TGIF. Solid comfort food.

The one thing I can’t complain about is lack of service.

We had a half dozen waiters for our table, no joke. We had a waiter for each body part.

Getting a roudy group of eight to answer multiple waiters’ questions proved to be comical. I’m surprised any food got ordered at all!

We basically shared all the main appetizers and toasted Nancy to her new life, after being in LA for 12 years. We moved here around the same time, her a few months before me.

Cheers Kaisha, I mean Nancy!!

6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 370-6560

Pepperoni Pizza

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Tex-Mex Eggrolls


  • April 26, 2012 8:03 am

Today’s photo shoot is brought to you by the letter “S”.

For Salmon.

And Sex.

When selling sex, something the food blogging business is well immersed in, one must thrust filets of salmon in the viewer’s face as far as they will go.

Writhing, aching filets suggestively lying on soft, inviting beds of rice.

Always accompanied with fiery, brazen Asian slaw.

The kind that cannot be tamed.

Is there any other?

Thanks again Tenille for tonight’s brief workshop on how to make me jealous with your professional lighting setup. Please note all future meal photos shall be taken in Tenille’s dining room.

Whether she is aware of my presence or not.

A disembodied meal.

"Make love to the camera!!" Tenille shouted angrily at the trembling salmon, realizing that only intimidation would ellicit the unfettered sensuality she was looking for.


  • April 24, 2012 7:29 pm

Pretzel Paroxysm - turkey, white cheddar, bacon and tomato relish grilled on a traditional pretzel

I’ve been duped! I’ve been had! I’ve been hoodwinked!

And anything else Scooby and Shaggy would have said after being tricked by an ominous specter.

When I’m told April is National Grilled Cheese Month, hear terms such as “Cheesemageddon” and see posters like this, my heart (and cholesterol) goes all a flutter.

Then Clementine, a local eatery near my work, tells me they’ve created 15 GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES in honor of said beloved month, I go apeshit.

It's the end of the world as we know it.

I need a good excuse to brave the madness that is Clementine. The multitude of humans that will surround your table like starving zombies looking for brains (grilled, on toast) is maddening.

These vultures will literally sit their ass on your plate and plop their purse in your lap until the millisecond you’ve finished signing your credit card receipt.

Their bulging eyes and heaving sighs all the while clearly asking “Are you done yet??”

Either side of the coin you’re on (waiting ages for a table or being hounded for yours) it kind of sucks.

I suggest skipping breakfast and coming here at, like, 11 or something.

It were those damned visions of grilled cheeses dancing in my heads (I imagine them dancing about in top hats, kicking up twig-like legs like that sophistocated peanut fellow) that forced me to make the trip.

Ok, back to the hoodwinked part!

Let’s not lie Clementine, just call it what it is. Panini Month with a random Philly Cheesesteak thrown in for good measure.

While these sandwiches were fine, they were NOT grilled cheeses!!

I wanted each one to be a traditional GC (Lord, I’m sick of typing those two words) with something random thrown in. Like green chilis, corn chips or lime popsicles.

Just give me lots of ooey cheese being spat from the mouth of some traditional grilled, buttery bread and the rest is up to your imagination.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get that here. Just plenty of…humans.


All the photo captions are copied directly from the restaurant’s menu…

1751 Ensley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 552-1080

A closer look! I'm not gonna lie, this sandwich was very tasty. Not a grilled cheese, but tasty.

Philly Cheesepocalypse - In the 16th Century, grilled cheese seer Cholestradamus predicted that a French roll would collide with thin-sliced ribeye, grilled onions, peppers and jalapenos, American and Provolone cheeses in an explosion of flavor that would destroy hunger forever - or at least until breakfast.

Meatballs of Fire - Spicy chicken meatballs with jalapeno jack, avocado and cilantro on semolina bread


  • April 23, 2012 7:48 am

I thought a massive hunk of bread would be appealing, but it looks more like a segment of an old man's leg, wrought with rigor mortis and aged from years of sun tanning. The bottom nubbin smooth from having lost his foot during the war.

I’ve decided that each week, I will cook a meal from a different country. This should be very exciting for you, as you have no life. You can brag to your friends at work that when you were in Romania (which you could not even find on a map) this was your favorite dish.

Walk away quickly if someone asks what your favorite city was. You don’t know any cities in Romania. You’re not very bright and I highly doubt you can wing it. Hint: Budapest is in Hungary, NOT Romania. Geez.

This soup is very easy to make and a fairly basic recipe. I bumped up the paprika, forgot the canned tomatoes cuz I’m an idiot and threw in a few more meatballs. I used microwaveable rice cuz I’m lazy and cuz cooking rice is a nightmare for me.

What really makes this recipe pop is the fresh parsley and lemon juice. Add extra of each. I also threw in a pinch (my pinch is bigger than your pinch) of cayenne as this dish has zero heat and I can’t handle that. Omit if you can’t handle that. Oh, and also forget you know me.



  • April 19, 2012 11:11 pm

CHICKEN + WAFFLE CROQUETTES homemade waffles, braised greens, poached eggs, and spicy maple sauce

Susan Feniger is a rock star. Plain and simple.

Sure, she’s entrenched in LA’s oversaturated celebrity chef scene.

She’s owned several necessary restaurants, has published five cookbooks and is a fixture on the Food Network.

You’d think she’d be a real bitch.

Quite the contrary.

Is this woman ever NOT smiling? She’s kind of the nicest person ever. It’s unsettling.

When I first visited Street after it first opened (one of my very first blog entries), Susan came over to our table to check in on us.

It took me by surprise. Don’t you have an empire to run, lady??

Either way, my heart was all aflutter.

Three years later, here she is again, taking care of her of one of her babies.

Letting a food obsessed weirdo, like myself, take my picture with her and humor me with some small talk.

I think the secret to her success is she hasn’t overstretched her abilities. She focuses on her talents, loves what she does and isn’t trying to branch out into vegan shampoos or promoting eco friendly airlines.

She hasn’t whored herself out nearly enough, for my taste.

Susan, go out there and put your bespectacled face on some free range EVOO or some biodegradble kitchen knife. I will be a loyal customer.

If Susan Feniger is a rock star, I’m her slutty groupie.

PLEASE NOTE: With a few exceptions, the pictures below have an orange tint because we were sitting under an orange canopy. I was able to transport most of the dishes to an orange free zone, but did not photoshop any of the others cuz I kind of dug the affect. Deal with it.

742 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 203-0500

Cumin crispy rice balls

Let the bottomless champagne flow...

KAYA TOAST a uniquely STREET experience. Toasted bread spread thick with coconut jam; served with a soft fried egg drizzled in dark soy and white pepper

ANGRY EGGS deviled eggs with Malaysian hot chile relish topped with green sriracha

SPICY ROASTED CHILAQUILES scrambled eggs with poblano chiles and Mexican chorizo; served with spicy chipotle chilaquiles topped with guacamole and sour cream

Croation Apple Fritters with Whiskey Cider Sauce

Being orange angers Louise

Thanks for an amazing brunch, Alex!

Hopefully, as this sign is inside the restaurant, no one actually adheres to it.

My girlfriend Susan. We always match. Per her insistance.


  • April 17, 2012 7:09 pm

Los Angeles seems to revel in constantly boasting this phrase: “LA has the largest population of… Persians/Thais/Koreans/Vietnamese… outside of…Iran/Thailand/Korea/Vietnam”.

Why is everyone flocking to LA? Is the golden sun really that much of a draw? Maybe blond people act as magnets, like moths to a flame?

Whatever the reason, I’m pleased as punch that I have access to so much amazing, authentic ethnic food. All you have to do is drive 20 minutes in some direction and you’re suddenly in Little Micronesia or whatever.

Thai Town, located in Hollywood, is so close by it’s a cryin’ shame I’m not there more. I’m crying right now actually. Pondering over the sad fact that I’m eating leftover scalloped potatoes for breakfast…

Songkran, the Thai New Year, is celebrated at the end of the dry season with the throwing of water. This usually translates to kids squirting you with water guns.

Which is exactly what was happening when KB and I visited Thai Town’s street festival for some good grub, Thai boxing and ladyboys singing.

After strolling past each food booth, we noticed that pretty much everyone served the same sh*t, so after deciding on our meals, we went to go watch the big hit of the afternoon, Thai boxing.

It was all very passive, not nearly enough blood splattering or limbs being tossed into the audience. But we were all sure waiting with bated breath, just in case.

While this "songbird" entertained the crowd, the bored child to the left desperately tried to text her boyfriend behind her back.

Dueling Grillers!

Chicken Pad Thai

Girls fighting! What will they come up with next? Adorbs.

Oops, he missed.

BBQ Pork Skewer - In the shape of a Rhino!


  • April 16, 2012 7:37 am

My Roll (Crispy Albacore, Jalapenos (just a few), House Sauce)

Sometimes you don’t know you had a craving until you take that first bite.

Like bacon-wrapped hot dogs or lightly seared humpback whale.

I was making myself go for sushi mostly to cancel out all the diabetes-inducing foods I had consumed over the past weekend. Not because I was particularly in the mood for it.

I did some online research to find a sushi restaurant with three criteria: It was somewhat near my work, it wouldn’t cost me $80 per person and people weren’t running screaming from it (thanks, Yelp).

Since my 9-5 existance is near Sawtelle, I’m in no shortage for Asian restaurants. It’s heaven in street form. If you haven’t noticed, I could and almost do eat Asian food EVERY day.

Kaiten Sushi had one factor that both intrigued and terrified me….a conveyor belt.

For those of you who haven’t experienced this, chefs set out plates of the more popular sushi items and you grab as it glides past you.

Cheap, yes. Freshness? Yeah, who knows. It’s not like you’ve got twinkies delicately floating past you. It’s raw fish, people. I want that stuff going directly from sea to mouth.

However, when the chef was making the items we ordered directly from him, he’d send it to us via the belt. He’d usually make two plates, in case we wanted seconds later.

The good news is, the sushi was actually really good! For such cheap prices, we didn’t know what to expect. (Seared tuna = Chicken of the sea). It was a really pleasant experience.

The spicy tuna on crispy rice, always a hit.

The garlic seared halibut, mild and tasty.

The My Roll with jalapenos galore, SO good. We couldn’t believe we were shoving that many jalapenos in our mouth without any intense heat.

Each plate was color coded indicating a different price, so the waiter counted our plates at the end of the meal to determine the bill.

$21 each, not too shabby for sushi. Try saying those two words a few times in a row. Well don’t actually, cuz that’s dumb.

Luckily, we had hidden a few plates in my friends purse to reduce costs. Kidding. Well, I have to say that. I left the waiter my business card!

11301 Olympic Blvd
Ste 203
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 914-5028

Philadelphia Roll

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice

Garlic Seared Halibut

Deschutes Beer and Cheese Tasting – AOC

  • April 13, 2012 8:38 am

Tonight, AOC was hosting a beer and cheese tasting sponsored by Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.

Forget wine and cheese pairings, so old school! Craft beers have such a wide array of flavors to balance out artisan cheeses, it’s ridiculous this kind of event isn’t happening nightly.

Why, I ask you??

Fine, I’ll relax.

There were only three beer and cheese stations, so we weren’t there for long, yet we happily gobbled down the available cheeses and guilted the pourers out of second rounds of beers using our ample cleavage (or perhaps just loitering around the table long enough).

The beers were all really complex porters and stouts. Exotic witches brews featuring molasses, chilis, cocoa nibs and orange peel. Some aged in whiskey barrels. Good stuff!

The highlight of the evening was when we inadvertently left the room without paying and were stopped by one of AOC’s waiters, like common criminals. Well, he was very nice and I honestly thought we’d pay up front or something. And I am a common criminal.

BEER: The Stoic CHEESE: Brillat-savarin, cow's milk triple creme

BEER: Black Butte XX CHEESE: Timanoix, raw semi-soft cow's milk