Guacamole - Tasted like...avocado...and...well, it looks pretty!

A lot of people don’t get the point of upscale Mexican restaurants.

Why should we have to pay $16 for what we could pay $2 for.

(Grade D Beef, people…@TacoBell)

Well, besides the fact that you’re paying for a nice place to sit, you’re paying for some high quality ingredients and a modicum of cleanliness.

One can only speculate the level of depravity going on in Taco Bell’s “kitchen”…

All that aside, I didn’t even order any tacos. So, why are we arguing??

My friend L.H. and I ordered the most incredible sliders I’ve ever consumed.

They passed all three criteria.

1. Can fit in mouth

2. Juicy

3. Saucy

Previously, I had NEVER met a Turkey Burger that I’ve wanted to be friends with.

“Dry and Flavorless” is what it would boast on it’s profile.

This is honestly the first (mini) turkey burger I’ve ever loved. Congrats, Taberna! Thanks, in advance, for not pissing me off.

And thanks L.H. for lunch, the best one yet!

369 N Bedford Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 858-7070

Tortilla Soup - Tasty with the perfect amount of heat.

Taberna Sliders - Turkey, Chorizo and Fajita - SO GOOD.