Not exaggerating, this "drumstick" was the size of my very small thumb.

Darabar Thai.

Their motto is “Secret Thai Cuisine”.

The secret is that the chicken wings were really deep fried baby humingbirds, the pork meatballs tasted like they had been spat from the mouth of our waitress, having been sucked of all their flavor.

Oh, and there’s blood in the soup.

Those “chicken” wings really were the worst, meatless, deep-fried road kill and I’ve given this place Two Buns as a result. They were laughable. I actually laughed. Like a clown.

That being said, the green curry was really spicy and had fantastic flavor. The chicken was white meat, not dark, gristly and full of mystery.

The Boat Noodles (AKA: Blood Noodles) had a pleasant flavor and noticeable amount of salt.

Because they were made with blood.

Now, I knew that going in. Boat Noodles have started to come up in the LA Thai world and I’ve done my research.

Boat noodles are also known for being made with tripe, liver and other extra, nasty kibbles and bits.

Darabar’s version thankfully did not include any awful offal.

Now, for dessert.

What is Black Grass Jelly, you ask?

Give me a second to find out, be right back…

…Ok, so this stuff is basically jello made from the boiled leaves of a mint like plant.

Because it was black, I feared and would have not been surprised if it had been made from blood.

It was weird, slightly bitter and reminded me that dumping sugar on something does not make it dessert.

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Chicken Wings (I'm thinking more elderly pigeon ripped from life support. Out of frame is a clean bone jutting out oddly from one of the wings. Like a horror movie from the Audubon.)

Deep Fried Pork Meatballs

Green Curry with Chicken

Thai Boat Noodles

Black Grass Jelly with Brown Sugar and Crushed Ice