I grew up in a town with a large Filipino population.

I recall fond memories of my mother and I trekking down to the local farmers market and getting lumpia and pancit, eating it for breakfast while we sat and enjoyed the views of the bay.

I spent a lot of time with my Filipino friend’s family and learned my share of Tagalog.

The first phrase I learned (and repeated constantly to annoy my friend’s mother) was “Do Not Overfill the Box”. A very useful admonishment in daily life.

When I got my first job in LA, I worked with a lot of Filipinos and because I knew so much Tagalog, I was embraced as one of their own.

That being said, I don’t really like a lot of Filipino food. It utilizes a lot of… “extra” meat.

Oxtail, Tripe…blood.

Whatever happened to good, ole fashioned breast meat??

I know, I’ve lost all my street cred now. I’m not Bunthony Bourdain folks. I prefer my food good and dead.

But I love me some Adobo, Pancit and Lumpia, so I decided to try my hand at some crock pot cookin’, Pinoy style!

There wasn’t really any heat to the recipes I found online for Adobo or Pancit. It took every bit of restraint to not dump some chili paste in there!

I also got lazy so I combined the two recipes and made my own Chicken Adobo Pancit. It turned out all right although it’s appearance is less than desirable.

Pagod na ako.