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Rum Marscapone Cheesecake - YUM.

Tenille and M.S. hosted a fabulous Valentine’s Day group dinner a little while back and we all had the best time.

Everyone brought a course and I have to say my favorite was Sonigram’s cheesecake, pictured above.

In other news, is it my imagination or are there a lot of naked criminals lately?

First the naked man smeared with peanut butter and chocolate found in a Kentucky grocery store a few weeks ago. (He also emptied all the fire extinguishers and wrote “Sorry” on the floor with Niquil).

Then, the naked man following some gals home from a bus stop in Van Nuys.

Finally, a naked man wandering into a Walmart, proceeding to put on some stolen socks.

It might be the sheep mentality of a few wackadoodles jumping on the naked famewagon or maybe some dastardly drug dealer is cutting his meth with some expired Canadian meds?

Either way, it’s nude for thought.

Ok, enough about all that. Time to look at all the Valentine’s day food we devoured.


Per the KTLA website, some guy showed up for a job interview, naked! Sure, he was high on meth, but still. This is an epidemic that must be addressed!

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