Causa Spicy Yellowtail (Sushi on Potato Cake)

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

In all the rush of eating my face off and then joining Weight Watchers (more on that later), I totally forgot to write the Picca blog!

Picca was so last week (literally, it was). Do you know how much I’ve forgotten in that time? That’s what I get for procrastinating!

What fun food!? That cod on a skewer was MELT IN YOUR MOUTH! Wait, I mean my mouth! Give it back!

I especially want more of the avocado cocktail!! The combo of the rum, avocado and lime was really impressive. Impressive I only drank one!

All right people, go out and love the one you’re with or just try to get through this blasted holiday without sinking too far into a deep fried depression.

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(310) 277-0133

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