Kaya Toast (coconut jam on buttered toast, slow cooked egg, soy sauce, white pepper)

It was all about the meat last night at The Spice Table.

Even our creamed kale had a hunk of pork belly dramatically overshadowing the offensive vegetation that sat cowering in the corner of the plate.

That bacon on steroids slapped the shit out of the kale. And it liked it.

Spice Table is fun for more reasons than just watching vegetables get their ass kicked.

Featuring upscale, inventive looks at Singaporean (that sounds wrong) and Vietnamese cuisine, Spice Table offers a number of fiesty, bold items that I would actually order again, such as the delicious Beef Rendang.

Out of everything we ate, the dessert stood out the most. Kaffir lime has a very specific flavor, it can’t be duplicated. The custard had the perfect balance of creamy and sour.

Oh, and the place is a stone’s throw from Skid Row. That’s always fun too.

Especially when you’re looking for parking, gas tank on empty.

And not enough crack to go around. How embarrasing would that be?

114 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 620-1840

Creamed Kale, house made paneer, grilled pork belly

Lamb Belly Satay

Yellowtail (raw with scallions, sesame, chilis, fried ginger, fried shallots)

Beef Rendang (short rib curry with rice, sambal, kaffir lime, peanuts)

Kaffir Lime Custard with Lychee bits (with world's largest sprig of mint)