Falafel Pita

After eating my share of falafel, hummus and schwarmas in Israel, I didn’t think I would be eating Mediterranean food so soon. I’ve already had it twice since I’ve been back. It took me over a year to eat Indian again!

I escaped work for a quick lunch with some of my coworkers at a tiny hut on Westwood Blvd. You’d miss it if you blinked. So, don’t blink, idiot.

The five of us took over the place by taking the middle table, sorry the only table, there.

I had originally been craving a falafel until I layed my eyes on something called the “Wowshi”.

Fun name! Like a Sham-Wow or some other infomercial product being sold by an overly excited man (recently arrested for assaulting a prostitute) unnecessarily wearing a non-working headset.

It’s basically a Middle Eastern Calzone, a baked schwarma if you will. And you will. Idiot.

What sets this place apart is the do-it-yourself sauce bar!

Hummus in a squeeze bottle for the taking?? Yes!

Something called a “white sauce”?? Yes!

I mixed this mysterious sauce with sauces marked “herb sauce” and “spicy sauce” and made a heavenly combo.

But first, enjoy some fries.

All you can eat/drink sauces/hummus!

Making of the Wowshi

Merguez Wowshi - A Wowshi is like a Mediterranean Calzone. Didn't I already say that? Idiot.