The Kitchen Fries were thick, crispy wedges of various potatoes (purple, sweet) with a tasty kimchi sour cream dipping sauce. They also look like mini painted tree trunks on their way to becoming a campfire

A-Frame is a place that Hollywood would ruin with douchebags/tourists and Silverlake would ruin with skinny jeans.

Located in a hollowed out, Brady Bunch shaped building (perhaps originally an IHOP), the vibe is bustling, noisy and fun. Equally a place to just grab drinks or enjoy some creative grub to share with strangers (or both).

That’s the one catch (perhaps down a drink before being seated to soften the blow) if you’re not a fan of communal seating, prepare to put up a wall of discontent as you nestle nice and cozy next to “friends you haven’t met yet”.

Luckily, we were in a festive mood and had no problem sharing our space and, besides, they turn up the music loud enough that conversations are not easily overheard (trust me, I tried).

Chef Roy Choi, famous for starting LA’s first majorly successful food truck (Kogi BBQ) and named Best New Chef by Food and Wine in 2010, is a tatted up bad ass who’s main objective is un-pretentious, creative Southeast Asian takes on some classic dishes.

A modern picnic, the website declares.

Pretty much everything we shoved down our gullets was delectable.

The Brussel Sprouts were coated in liquid heaven (bacon, apples).

The Beer Can Chicken had super crispy skin and moist meat underneath. Like a Florida Retiree.

My Warm Cornbread and Chicken Salad with pickled onions seemed like an odd combo but totally worked and was like enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers.

Deep fried pound cake churros with a bowl of vanilla ice cream swimming in a malted chocolate milk bath to dip them in.

However, the star of the show was the dessert, aptly titled “Chu Don’t Know Mang”. Have an elderly dining companion place the order and enjoy their verbalization.

It’s like they have someone in the back who’s sole job it is to fry those delicious sticks repeatedly, robotically, until someone places an order. Then rolling those sticks up a cinnamon sugar hill over and over like Sisyphus, the condemned Greek king.

I’m guessing he’s not exactly there of his own free will. And I’m almost positive a ball gag is involved, not sure why.