I was feeling retro trashy today and made this super easy cake using 7-up, strawberry jello and the cheapest strawberry cake mix I could find. Delish!

Before I made my big move to Seattle, I had a few options for work there.

My friend, SnakeFace, was working at Blockbuster Music and offered to get me a job there.

Trouble was, the pay would barely afford me my new Seattle apartment (preferably in the illustrious Queen Anne neighborhood) and I would essentially be broke for God knows how long.

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry as my friend was shortly fired.

She was an expert thief and would stuff her backpack full of stolen CDs to later sell at a rival music store.

She did this on many occasions.

She would sell her CDs to get me money to take the ferry back home from Seattle when I would visit her.

She would sell her CDs when we needed a late night Jack in the Box dinner.

Problem was, as she was leaving Blockbuster for the day, she forgot to take the security tag off of one of them and set off the alarm.

She spun a gossamer thin explanation to her boss who let her keep the CDs but kindly asked she not return to work.

My friend Nancy was working at a fresh pasta deli and managed to get me a job selling pretentious Spanish olive oils, Morrocan tagines, overpriced French chickens and some pretty tasty fresh Italian foodstuffs.

I’ll go more into that job in another post, but I eventually got greedy and wanted to get a second job. My friend at the pasta shop told me about her second job. Data Entry.

I didn’t really realize what this meant. All I saw were dollar signs (they paid $10 an hour) as they were paying more than my pasta job.

I have never been more bored in my entire life.

The job was at a cancer research center, entering data for a prostate cancer drug trial.

All I did, all day long, was transcribe written words such as “heavy stream” or “constipation”, which popped up on thousands of patient’s reports, from one screen to the other screen.

My brain went to sleep 8 hours a day.

I began to surf the web to alleviate the boredom. I surfed a LOT.

I downloaded songs illegally from Napster. I downloaded a LOT.

One day my boss came in, sat down, and showed me a progress report of my work.

I was averaging about 40 hours of actual work on the transcribing computer program. 40 hours A MONTH.

She said she realized this type of work was dreadfully boring and that taking multiple breaks was expected.

But perhaps a few more hours spent actually working might be recommended.

I only lasted nine months before I packed up everything I owned in my car and drove to LA.

Never having set foot there before.