My first foray into crock pot cooking seemed to belie common sense.

Seal a hunk of raw meat in a pot in a pool of Root Beer and let it sit all day??

I kept worrying there wouldn’t be enough liquid or that it was under seasoned.

Truth is, it couldn’t have come out more perfectly.

Crock Pot Cooking couldn’t be easier. It’s almost too easy. Watch your cat doesn’t crawl in there in the morning and become a hearty stew by the time you get home from work.

The only mistake I made beforehand was, while soaking the ceramic ‘crock’ in hot water, I seemed to have forgotten it even existed or was necessary so plopped down my hunk of pork butt right into the metallic crock pot base.

Hmmm…is this right?

I didn’t even realize the error for a while…

Anyhoo, I made my own BBQ sauce and spicy cole slaw as well and together they made the perfect threesome.

Oh, I put them on Hawaiian buns, so make that a foursome.