If there was ever an obvious candidate for a new year’s resolution, it certainly slapped me in the face and spit in my eye when the top button of my jeans popped right off, landing directly into the toilet as I was taking a pee.

Disappearing perfectly down that little drain hole.

“Lose the chunk!….” that little bastard chided as it sunk to it’s watery grave.

Wow. About to set off for my New Year’s Eve festivities and I burst out of my last good pair of jeans.


I don’t think there’s any question what to do next.

Bun Boy is gonna cleanse.

Needless to say, you can see above and the abysmal photo below (blame the champagne) that I chose the vegan options that Mohawk Bend had to offer that night.

And I barely ate either item. Too depressed from the button incident.

We came here for the incredible beer selection, however we just needed a place that could fit 17 folks without charging us $75 pp just to step foot in the door with the dim promise of a dusty glass of Cook’s Spumante at midnight, passed to us by a minimum of four grubby pairs of strange hands.

All molesting the rims of the glass, like their asses depended on it.

No thank you.

Mohawk Bend, with it’s $65 three course meal, stay as long as you want and a beer toast at midnight, tickled our fancy.

Good times with good friends.

It’s now 2012.

Time for smoothies and green foods.

Time to get skinny before the world ends.

My ass depends on it.