Ghetto old Christmas plate required.

Banh Mi’s are simple Vietnamese sandwiches but lemme tell ya, getting to a finished product takes some doing.

And I still took some shortcuts.

I pickled the shredded carrots and daikon the day before. Sorry, I mean I tried to pickle them.

What I ended up with was a slightly vinegary, mostly soggy and somewhat putrid scented concoction. Next time I would just soak them in some rice wine vinegar when I begin marinating the meat.

Actually, I may do away with the daikon altogether. That shit stinks and will happily clear a room.

I marinated the beef in lime juice, brown sugar, ginger and fish sauce for about an hour before pan frying but would recommend double the time.

People that are scared of fish sauce, get over it. It’s necessary in Thai/Vietnamese cooking. Just don’t breathe during the entire process.

I made my own Chili Sriracha Mayo as a spread and chopped up cucumbers, fresh jalapenos and then a bunch of cilantro.

Then slightly hollowed out a nice soft roll (french bread works too but it’s consistency can sometimes force out the contents which drives me bonkers) and stuffed everything inside.


Nice refreshing combo of spicy, sweet and sour. It’s some work but totally worth it. If you’re making this for several people, not just your lonely, starvles self.

Just go get Subway, in that case. You loser, with no friends.