Cadillac Margarita with Tres Generaciones. In honor of Kim Koester

If you have to ask why I place the picture of the margarita at the top, disregarding the food picture…well…then you haven’t been to El Coyote.

Voted Best Meal in LA….never.

And it’s been open for 80 years! (not an exaggeration, look it up).

El Coyote is best known for the last meal of Sharon Tate and gang before they were murdered by the Manson Family.

If you visit this place on the anniversary, you’ll see folks morbidly dressed up as the cast of characters from those gruesome series of events.

Almost as gruesome as their food, which often features canned beats and canned green beans! Why??

Even the margs have slipped in superiority, you kind of have to ask politely for them to not show up to your table glowing lime green from the abundance of sour mix.

The green corn tamales are actually really good. The only thing on the menu I ever order (or can stomach, for that matter).

Let’s face it, folks. The food’s sole purpose is to soak up the booze, not an experience in fine Oaxacan fare.

I used to come to this campy dive all the time when I first moved to LA. Half of our Melrose Place-esque apartment building would gather for margs and gag-amole, as our dear friend Kim would call it.

Now, we come here out of nostalgia. My friend, Ms. C put it best:

“My dog and I were on a walk a while back and walked to my agent’s office. The receptionist had a donut which was sitting on a chair and my dog snuck back there and ate it in one bite. Now, every time we walk by the agent’s office, he tries desperately to go back. We keep coming to El Coyote for that one donut.”

7312 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-2255

Green Corn Tamales -SO good.