Curry Cheese Fries

I often wonder why some restaurants serve anything else when they clearly only have one item on the menu anyone wants.

I mean, I get why McDonald’s has salads. For the mom’s that don’t wish to become 450 pounds from the frequency of which they take their children.

But Pink’s hot dog’s. Are tourists really going to wait an hour in line just to tell their friends at home “Yup, we saw Hollywood boulevard. And then we went to that famous hot dog place. Yeah, I got a burger.”

Most restaurants fail within their first year of business.

If you’re lucky enough to have survived that first year without draining all of your savings or that of your (ex) friends and family, well, you’ve still got another year to go bust.

I don’t know why Fat Spoon (a Japanese curry house in Little Tokyo) bothers having a pasta or salad menu section. If someone wants a good carbonara, they’ll go to an Italian joint.

Now, unless you’re gonna really fusion it up (they’ve done that with one dish, adding salted cod roe and seaweed) what’s the point?

Why not save yourself a lot of money in spoiled food and just serve that one thing that you’re known for!

Think about how much time you’d save as a customer, not having to waste time perusing the menu.

“How’s the curry?”


“What else do you recommend?”

“Nothing. Just the curry”

“How’s the Ceasar salad?”

“Please leave, sir”

The curry at Fat Spoon is not spicy in the slightest, it’s a delicious, rich, brown gravy bought to you in a proper gravy boat and you’ll soon find yourself drowning your food in it, befouling everything on your plate (and perhaps anything in close proximity such as tablecloths or small children).

I decided to snap my photo BEFORE doing so, but trust me…

…I finished that boat.

Pork Cutlet Curry