Chicken Piccata with Thyme Almond Green Beans - All Organic!

My New Years Resolution is to cook things I’ve never made before.

I wanted to get a head start on this by making my first Chicken Piccata.

That’s Christmasy, right?

I think I did it justice.

Until I realized I had some amazing garlic bread hanging out in the oven, burning to a crisp as we leisurely enjoyed our meal.

That poor, innocent thing…screaming in agony while we did nothing. Nothing!

I’m an animal.

While no one was looking, I removed one of the discarded, blackened loaves off the top of the garbage and took a pathetic little bite of a section I THOUGHT was the least…blackened. I now have toxic levels of carcinogens in my system, a burned garlic taste that is still lingering…..Oh, and zero pride.

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