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Posing by a San Francisco landmark or whatever. I should Google it.

What I did (or rather, ate) in San Francisco. A Story in Pictures.

The five of us drove up the coast to spend Thanksgiving at Thelma’s mother’s house in Palo Alto and then spent the two days after that exploring San Francisco with Thelma’s really fun niece.

We packed a lot in but unfortunately, I left my camera in the hotel for two epic meals, so what folllows is a story in pictures of my weekend. I kept the scenery and tourist shots at a minimum. I just stuck to the food.

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Bacon Wrapped Dates - Reposado Restaurant in Palo Alto

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Who doesn't love corn?

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Braised Short Ribs in an Adobe Sauce

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A beautiful morning in Palo Alto. Thanks Fran for having us!

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The Final Scene in a Turkey Snuff Film.

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The Star of the Show. Julie's famous creamy sweet potato bake. Amazing.

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The Perfect Plate. 75% Stuffing.

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It's a Pie-Fecta!

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The famous 'Painted Ladies' (there are about 48,000 Victorian and Edwardian homes built in SF in the 1800's.

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The Cliffhouse is a historic restaurant, originally built in 1863 as part of an enormous bathhouse, burning down twice. The current building is from 1909. Great place for ocean view cocktails. Boring history lesson? Check!

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The oldest Dim Sum restaurant in San Fran. Allegedly.

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Chicken Dumplings

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Curry Beef Egg Rolls - Sliced with the same gross pair of scissors that has probably opened 1000 packages and sliced a few umblical cords in it's day.

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Wonton Soup

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Chicken and Shrimp Shu Mai

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BBQ Pork Bun, dissected as God intended.

Just to interject here, Ghiradelli Square is a CLUSTERF***!!

Such madness.

All these people waiting upwards of almost an HOUR for a $10 SUNDAE!!


And it was I who insisted we all go “We’re not leaving til we hit Girabaldi Square!”

BTW, unless you just landed on this planet, you can find Ghiradelli chocolates in every store in America.

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Are these folks huddled together to escape a deadly storm or do these desperados really just want a bloody sundae?

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Was this really worth all the anguish accompanying it's acquirement??