Vegetarians, make your selections from the center.

Chosun Galbee is about as white as you can go for Korean BBQ, while still remaining in Koreatown.

It’s a place to take a midwest family who’s only previous foray into Asian food has involved the words Orange and Chicken (accompanied by the words Panda and Express).

You can take anyone here, take your most racist family member.

I swear, the waitresses are wearing Korean masks.

I’ve only been to about dozen Korean BBQ joints so far and I’ve always felt at ease and the menus have always had some english on them.

However, when you drive through Koreatown you see hundreds of little spots that might seem to imply: “keep on moving”.

I’ve never, however, gone with a Korean friend and I’ve been told there are a million things to order besides the two safest, go-to meats.

On this occasion, we decided to order something new, Daeji Bulgogi. Some pretty delicious spicy pork.

Since Chosun Galbee is one of the more upscale Korean joint in K-Town, they don’t really let you cook your own meat.

I don’t love that. I’ll tell you when it’s done, you mask wearing hussy!

What I do like about Chosun is you don’t walk out of there smelling like seared mammal flesh and if you’re going out afterwards, this is definitely a selling point.

Nothing as pleasant as sweating out meat juices in a public setting.

Spicy Pork, SOOO good.

What sets Korean BBQ places apart from one another are the sides.

Unsure what the scary first item is. I think I saw scales.

Now that's a full service restroom!