Chocolate Moelluex, Mandarin, Sesame with Chocolate Grand Marnier Ice Cream

Patina is pretty fabulous.

And boy, do you pay for it.

The dishes seem to have a 25% markup from your typical fancy restaurant.

Possibly for two reasons: One, you are downtown to see a ballet/opera/play and it’s kind of your only fine dining option within walking distance for the geriatric set that sees the rest of downtown only as ones best option to score mediocre crack.

Two, the service is impeccable. Stepford husbands all ready and waiting to fulfill your every need without eavesdropping or being too clingy.

We had about 6 different well-dressed robot men attend to us. One even opened the bathroom door for me!

I was thankful I only had to pee because I was worried he’d also open the door when I was finished and would have given me that uncomfortable “Poop” look if I had taken too long.

The lamb was so excellent it was a shame that, for almost $50, you only get a few severed chunks.

Luckily, it was still very filling and it did the trick.

The dessert (length of my index finger, thickness of my thumb) was tasty (not sure it was worth $14) but that ice cream…well…I bathed in it. Most people claim to love something that much. I made good on my claim.

Unfortunately, the presentation of the ice cream was more fresh chihuahua turd than frozen treat!

If you’ve got some cash to drop and have already spent a fortune on Nutcracker tickets (case in point) Patina is a no-brainer.

P.S. we TOTALLY got McDonald’s at the end of the night. Bun was hongray!

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