"Thanksgiving Morning"

This is the time of year when pants start to get tight. Shirts can no longer be tucked in. Bulges begin to show and rolls begin to form.

It’s a trifecta of food related holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – I don’t count New Years cuz most people’s caloric intake is due to alcohol) and it gets the best of us except for stupid skinny people.

As I’m a “live to eat” guy, my weight takes a beating around this time. I begin to wish Snuggies were an acceptable form of outdoor attire.

I mistakenly believe every meal could be my last and so I dive in and consume with such blatant disdain for my physical appearance, it’s really quite ridiculous.

I can get chunky quite quickly. Thankfully, I’m a man and can loose it just as quickly.

I lost 25 pounds on Weight Watchers a few years back. I survived on refried beans, veggies and egg whites.

This was before the food blog, however.

How can I impress and delight with pictures of lemon juice drenched spinach salads?

Or precisely portioned out cubes of chicken?

No one wants to see that shit!

You want to see Mac and Cheese ice cream and things that shouldn’t be fried.

This blog will be the death of me. Bun Boy, I won’t let you bring me down. I won’t humiliate my family as I begrudingly request a crane transport me to family functions directly from my bedroom.


Lunch is one of Culver City’s millions of upscale casual spots for all of Sony’s spoiled employees to enjoy. It’s a relatively non descript place with a really tasty salad.

Every few months I meet the two gals below for a Gemini lunch to bitch about anything and everything. It’s a great time.