It almost looks edible!

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and behold; LA’s WORST PIZZA!

I would feel just awful if I didn’t warn you, after all. I could be setting myself up for a lawsuit.

But that’s not all.

The night was chock a block with annoying events.

First, we couldn’t find the damn place. Apparently, if you head down La Brea….keep going past where the sun doesn’t shine…and then a few blocks more, there it is!

It was live music night, and while we just wanted a brief, quiet meal, we thought we’d make the best of it.

Whilst complaining non-stop.

I ordered the BBQ meatballs on top of Garlic Mashed Potatoes (listed as an appetizer) and then we shared a small cheese pizza (which cost only $6 bucks – red flag #1).

The meatballs were tasty but I’m still on the fence whether BBQ sauce goes with mashed pots.

Do they?

Please write back with your answers.

Now, back to the pizza. I love me some cheap ass Mama Celeste frozen 99 cent ‘Za.

Take out all the flavor, replace the cheese with melted albino tires and then you’ve got PIPS pizza.

Me and Clyde tried our darndest to describe this horror to one another over the screeching of the singer and the deafening drums but ended up just laughing and accidentally ordering wine from the waiter due to gross miscommunication.

The bill was like taking the family to McDonald’s so at least our pocketbooks didn’t take a beating.

After paying, we wondered what the etiquette was for ditching in the middle of a performance? All the other patrons stonewalled us with the eager, rapt attention to the band.

I’ve never felt so bad about leaving a place I wanted to leave so badly…

BBQ Meatballs on Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Meh...