I went to Ink Sack days before my trip to Israel because I figured if I died in a plane crash, terrorist attack or from dysentery (my three biggest travel death concerns) I at least wanted my last meal to be a good sandwich.

Problem is Ink Sack is too Fancy Pants McGee to work. Sandwiches shouldn’t be this posh.

I did my research and choose the two sandwiches with the vaguest negative reviews.

The Maple-Pepper Turkey Melt and the Jose Andres (Spanish Godfather).

(News Flash!: I’m watching the TV Show “Raising Hope” right now and the guy that played MacGuyver who’s guest starring has gotten chunky! Fat Face Alert.)

Both sandwiches were small (about as small as the cafe), about 4 inches each. However, they were super rich. Too rich. Too…Fancy Pants McGee.

Besides the name Ink Sack being about as appetizing as looking at MacGuyver’s fat face while eating one of these sandwiches, the concept here just doesn’t work.

Didn’t I just say that? Stop making me repeat myself, people!

There’s a reason Subway is the most popular fast food chain in the US (yes, beating McDonald’s). People want a mediocre, traditional sandwich.

They don’t want a tiny, soggy loaf filled with spicy raw tuna or corned beef tongue.

MacGuyver appears to have a larger role in this episode than I thought. Time to finish this blog and watch the rest of this.

Poor MacGuyver. Geez, I feel like an old man.

Like finding out Debbie Gibson had her first grandchild.