Their semi-famous (and delicious) Sweet Potato Mash

Like a celebrity who’s recovering from a facelift, Cafe Verona is completely hidden from the public eye.

Unless you were getting your oil changed at the Jiffy Lube next door, you’d never see this cute, Ivy-entrenched, mostly outdoor Italian cafe.

While sipping your cappuccino to the sound of tires being rotated may not be your thing, you feel more like you are in someone’s enclosed backyard.

Perhaps, someone with not a lot of money, who’s thrown a bunch of crap into the ivy wall enclosure throughout the years and just left it.

No koi swimming in the little water fountain pond thingy, but perhaps a dolls’s head or rusted wrench?

However, there’s something very warm and comforting about the hodge podge nature of the restaurant, as the service is friendly and the food is excellent. I could just drink that sweet potato mash.

I will definitely be back.

It’s like being invited to someone’s home in Italy.

Someone who needed to borrow 40 Euro to turn the power back on.

PS, I’m totally exaggerating what this place looks like, I think I’ve mixed up my review of Jiffy Lube in here!