Fruit Tart, yes. Indian, not so much.

If you’re asking why I featured a picture of a fruit tart instead of the actual Indian dishes…well…see how great it looks!

And stop asking so many questions.

Diwali, festival of lights, is like the Indian Christmas.

They celebrate for five days and gifts are exchanged.

The Indian Santa must be frightening to young children as this elephant-headed god with 8 arms comes crawling out from the fire place!

I have to admit, I was a bit annoyed upon my arrival at Tanzore.

The website had promised a Diwali celebration with Bollywood dancers and Henna tattoo artists, starting at 6:00.

Since we had a concert downtown, we had to choose that geriatric hour in which to dine, and were very disappointed to find out the dancers wouldn’t be going on until 8:30.

In fact, there were only about 5 other people in the restaurant, it was quite the subdued fiesta.

And not once were we given any gifts.

Idiotic complaints aside, I’ve been to Tanzore before and love it.

Fantastic food in a gorgeous, ultra-modern setting and the wait staff are so nice, you wonder what the catch is!

This is LA. No one is that nice unless they want something from you.

Well, they want our money.

And I’m happy to give it to them.

Just give me my Bollywood dancers, dammit!

Appetizer Plate - Spinach Samosa Stix, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka

Spiced Vegetable Jalfrezi

Tandoori Sea Bass

Masala Lamb Chops

Gulab Jamun - Severed Indian Balls