Bi Bim Bop

I’ve wanted to know what the hell Bi Bim Bop was for ten years!

Now I know.

And I don’t like it.

At least not this version, containing unnecessary cold romaine lettuce and not enough meat.

Gushi (love the name) wasn’t easy to find, it’s located in a no man’s land section of West LA.

I fear some folks may have gotten lost permanently there…with only mediocre Korean food (and a hyper friendly waitress) to feed their hope of ever finding civilization.

But this weird dessert was damn good!

Deep Fried Green Tea Ice Cream

OK, WHILE I HAVE YOU: let me take a moment to make fun of my gym.

My gym, LA Fitness on Wilshire (across the street from LACMA), is where ghetto goes to die.

If you took away the people, it would appear more like set of the horror movie “Saw”.

Instead of nice rubber or plastic hand grips, we get medieval torture devices.

Guaranteed to rub away 4 layers of epidermis from your hands!

You can never find the barbell you want; they’re either mismatched or missing altogether.

And when you do find them, they look like this:

Hint: Get a tetanus shot before joining.

The owners must have robbed Jane Fonda’s storage facility in the 80’s and the tattered, sweat-stained fruits of her workout empire are now living antiques for us to enjoy!

Each archaic machine seems to be expertly adept at pulling at least one back muscle per session.

Many of the instructional stickers have peeled away so badly, you can’t quite tell what these leg-warmer clad, muscle-bound fembots are showing you how to do? It could be a breast exam.

There area also these newer little stickers on each machine, alerting you to notify the “Service Department” if found broken.

There’s one bored girl at the front desk, listening to her iPod and not bothering to look at you as she beeps you in.

I’m assuming she’s the “service department”.

One of my favorite parts about working out, is the motivating music played by current artists such as Bread, Chicago (#1 Ballads album) or Crosby Stills and Nash.

As you leave your envigorating workout, you are bid adieu by this lush, welcoming water fountain and pool.