Chicago Dog - Not sure where the Tomato fits in...

I don’t think it’s appropriate to review Township Saloon’s food based on what we ordered. They have a really fun Americana comfort food menu, but we just weren’t hungry enough to order anything substantial.

I ordered a hot dog. It was tasty.

And then the Lord made hot dogs.

And they were good.

But what can you really do with a hot dog? How can you really make it shine, sparkle, stand out in the crowd?

Basically, how do you make a hot dog gay?

What drew me to this place was the font and design of their menu. I knew right then and there, it was gay love at first sight.

Because if any restaurant had a gender, this place was all man.

They serve bourbon, whisky and MOONSHINE (the largest sized font on the menu) and ribs, dogs and meatloaf.

Booze and Meat.

And then the Lord rested.

Pretty Basic Wings